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As older orphans age out of care, international trends are heartbreaking: homelessness, substance abuse, prostitution, crime and incarceration await many who lack adequate support networks.  The Church is called to step into this gap, aiding orphans into adulthood through holistic life transition support.

This Webinar will examine information and models useful to Christian leaders, churches and para-church organizations as they work to create healthy life transition for aging-out orphans.

W. Scott Brown, Coordinator of the new CAFO “Aging Out Initiative,” will highlight case studies from the new site, discuss trends and best practices, and share how this new initiative can help you both access and share learning on Aging Out programs.

In addition to spotlighting key information and models, this webinar is also intended to seek your input and ideas as we built a clearinghouse of best practices for aging-out orphans in these five areas:  Life Skills Training, Spiritual Care and Mentoring, Transitional Housing, Vocational Training/Entrepreneurship/Job Placement and Church and Community Support Networks.
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Successful Life Transitions for Aging-Out Orphans